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Pipe Cleaning & Thawing

The Frozen Pipe Experts

If you’re experiencing frozen pipes in the Browerville or Long Prairie, MN area, give Freie’s Septic Service a call. Winters in Central Minnesota can be wicked. Early, extreme, and extended cold temperatures may cause the water in your home’s pipes to freeze. This ice expands as it thaws, which can make the pipes crack and begin to drip or burst and flood your home. Thawing them correctly can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills. Utilizing hydro jet equipment and roto tools, our experts will thaw your frozen pipes at a practical rate and have your water flowing freely again in no time! Because frozen pipes are always an urgent situation, we offer 24/7 emergency service!

Clogged Pipe Cleaning

Over time, grease, soap, food, hair, and other debris can build up in your home’s pipes and clog them. Before you know it, your drains back up and water can overflow your shower, sink, or toilet. Many companies use mechanical rodding to burrow through the clog. At Freie’s Septic Service, we understand that this leaves your pipes at risk of being punctured, and the process itself leaves a lot of build-up behind and, before you know it, your pipes are clogged again.

Hydro Jetting, For Safe Pipe Clearing

We use hydro jetting in our pipe-cleaning process which is more effective at scouring out the grease and debris. Our specialized roto tools enable us to remove roots from your sewer or drainage system. Hydro jetting is safer on your home’s or business’s pipes, and it reduces the formation of clogs. When you need residential or commercial pipe cleaning or pipe thawing services in Central Minnesota, contact Freie’s Septic Service at (320) 808-6104 or (320) 732-3163.

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