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Does Your Lift Station Need Cleaning?

Freie’s Septic Service offers lift station cleaning in the Browerville and Long Prairie, MN area. Commercial septic systems often rely on lift stations to handle waste via gravity flow pipes beneath the ground. Sewage is transported to a below-ground storage pit where it remains until it reaches a predetermined level, and then it is pumped through a pressurized pipe for discharge. When grease, soap, and other debris collect in the pipes and cake on the walls or floats, blockages can occur. A clog in the system’s pipes can cause waste water to backup into your business and cause major problems. Additionally, critical system components, such as the pump impeller, can sustain damage in backup situations.

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It is important to monitor your lift system regularly to stay ahead of blockages. Better yet, schedule regular cleanings to maintain hassle-free operations. Freie’s Septic Service provides lift station clean outs for homes and businesses in Central MN. Our state-of-the-art vacuum truck is capable of reducing lift station fluid levels quickly and affordably. Contact us at (320) 808-6104 or (320) 732-3163 for a quote or to discuss our services.

Around the Clock Emergency Service

Lift station blockages are urgent, so if your home or business is experiencing slow drains or backups into sinks or toilets, please call Freie’s Septic Service right away. With an experienced team and a full arsenal of tools at our disposal, including a heavy-duty vacuum truck, we’ll have your lines cleaned and your lift station up and running in no time. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, and we abide by all MPCA guidelines. Contact us today!

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